Share Accounts

Standard Share Account

Members are encouraged to continue saving particularly while repaying a loan. Standard Share Account allows a member to save up to £15,000. You can open and account with a minimum of £10 and there is a £1 fee to open the account.

Easy Share Account

Members with a standard account may open an additional Easy Share Account. This provides a great way to save a maximum of £1000 for a purpose such as:

  • Winter fuel
  • Christmas
  • Holidays
  • Family celebrations
  • School
  • Car insurance etc.

Easy Shares are the basis of an excellent budgeting system. You can deposit or withdraw when you want! and there are no charge fees. 

All shares are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and thus are secure (see Savings Security). Shares also qualify for dividend payments and insurance cover.


Members may withdraw their savings at any time provided they are not pledged as security for a loan. Members are encouraged to keep their savings intact and borrow if necessary and by doing this you are showing :

  • Your ability to save regularly
  • That you can be relied on to repay a loan

 Savings Plan

Watch your savings grow with a regular weekly or monthly committment. Note the following table is only a guide as it does not include dividend payments which would increase the value of your savings.

Years  £5 weekly  £10 weekly  £20 weekly 
1300 2600 5200
4 1040  2080  4160 
780  1560  3120 
2 520 1040 2080
1 260 520 1040