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                                                     Personal Loans

                                     For Big Dreams or little day dreams

At the credit union we understand that the reasons for needing a personal loan are as varied as life itself. Whether you are planning some major home improvements or you just want to get away from it all, we are here to help. Chat to us about a flexible personal loan or submit an online loan enquiry today.


 Not a Member? Not a Problem!

If you’re not already a credit union member, why not join us today? If you live within the Bond area OR your place of work is within the Bond area (even if you already hold an account in a credit union where you live) you are eligible to join.  If you can’t remember the last time you used your credit union account, that's also not a problem. Credit unions just love to see old friends returning. Just contact us to find out how to reactivate your account. Isn’t it time you had your Credit Re-Union? Once your account is reactivated you will be eligible for the great range of affordable loans provided by us. What are you waiting for? 

             Have you had your Credit Re-Union? 


Help your children to save!

Helping your children save from as early as possible can not only set them up for the future, but teaches them important planning, budgeting and money management skills - giving them vital building  blocks needed throughout their lives.


Call into the office today and open a children’s savings account!!! Educate them on the financial areas such as the importance of saving accounts and money introduces them to general concept of finance, economy and how the world works – while instilling the virtues of patience, independence and responsibility.


How we can help with the EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

The EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive allows Irish patients access to healthcare in other EU countries, which they are normally entitled to in Northern Ireland but for which there might be long waiting periods. The patient can access the healthcare in either a private or public setting in another EU country, and claim reimbursement for this from the NHS when they return home. The reimbursement will be for whichever treatment bears the lesser cost – either the treatment abroad or here in Ireland.

A lot of the treatments availed of under this scheme currently are for cataracts, hip and knee replacements. However there is a wide range of treatments which can be availed of. 

It is important to bear in mind that it is the cost of the medical procedure itself which the NHS  will reimburse. No other costs, such as the flights to the EU country or accommodation costs (such as hotels) needed during your stay in the other hospital, will be covered by the NHS.


 Where do credit unions fit into this?

Well, many local credit unions are offering loans to eligible patients to avail of the cross-border scheme. These loans are then being paid off when the patient receives their NHS reimbursement cheque.


It’s worth noting though that credit unions are open to loans for those who may need to travel further afield to access the scheme. Credit unions are also open to loans for relatively small amounts of money, or much more substantial amounts. 


Further good news about the scheme is that, at the time of writing, it also looks as if accessing treatments  will not be affected by Brexit. The Department of Health says that both the British and Irish governments are committed to continuing cross-border healthcare arrangements.


If you feel that you could benefit from the EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive, take a look at the NHS website first to ensure you are eligible and that your treatment is covered. Then contact your local credit union to find out more about the loans they offer in relation to the scheme.




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